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There were several Un Identified pictures sent to me with the known pictures of Francis Marion Berry’s family pictures. They could be related to our Berry’s or the could be relatives of Fannie Lillie Hudspeth’s. She married Francis Marion Berry and the person who sent me these pictures is a descendant of Fannies Brother.

If you reconize any of these people Please contact me on this web page

UN Identified Berry

On the back of the picture above

Back of picture

1954 1956

1954 1956

SCAN 29 five

SCAN 29 fourSCAN 29 ONE


SCAN 0030

These two people are sitting in the same chair

SCAN 0031 3



SCAN 0031 2

Scan 0033 2

Scan 0033 3

SCAN0 002 2

SCAN0 0031

SCAN0 0032 3

scan0033 plus two

scan0034 pluse one

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