William Henry Berry GA

Generation 1. Robert and Mary Williamson Berry Princess Anne County, VA.

Generation 2. Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry Orange County, NC

Generation 3. David J. and Mary Blaylock Berry Orange County, NC and Georgia.

Generation 4 . Robert and Elizabeth Everett Berry Georgia

5, William Henry Berry was born on the 12th of November, 1837 n Fayette County, Georgia and died on the  05th of  April  1905 in Baldwin City, GA

William Henry Berry was married twice. He was married to Matilda A. Starke about 1859 and she died about two years later. William Henry then remarried on the 05th  Feb 1861. His new bride was Permilla Ann Fowler who was born in November 1839 and died  on the 19th of December 1922 in Bibb County GA. The family had ten children in the next seventeen years, from 1862 until 1879. The first child was Viola Berry who was born in 1861. William Edgar Berry was born in 1862. Their lives were interrupted by the Civil War and William Henry Berry was away from home on active duty in the Confederate Army. The next child, John A. Berry, was born in 1864.


  • Viola Berry b.1861 married Medlin
  • William Edgar Berry b.1862 d.05 July 1949 married Matilda Starke about 1859
    • William Edgar Berry married Permillia Ann Fowler about 1860
  • John A. Berry b 1864 d.1899 married Harris then Woodfolk
  • Frances Cornelia (Frannie) Berry b.07 May 1866 d. 18 Mar 1940 married W.J. Taylor
  • Albert Berry b.1867 d.Bef. 1880
  • Alfred Berry b.1868 d.Bef. 1880
  • Susie Ann Berry b.1871 d.Feb 1899
  • Henry Franklin Berry b.20 Nov 1874 d.18 Aug 1963
  • Stella Berry b. 1876 d. 23 May 1944 married Fuller
  • Mamie Berry b.1879 married Tucker