YDNA matching William Berry YDNA


Robert T Berry has a living Descendant who’s YDNA matches our William Berry Line by 66 out of 67 Markers. The first 37 markers from the two sources are listed below.

  • William Berry Line      14-24-15-10-11-14-12-12-12-13-13-29-17-9-9-11-11-25-15-19-29-14-15-17-18-10-10-19-23-15-15-18-20-37-37-12-10
  • Robert T Berry’s line  13-24-15-10-11-14-12-12-12-13-13-29-17-9-9-11-11-25-15-19-29-14-15-17-18-10-10-19-23-15-15-18-20-37-37-12-10

William Berry’s line 38 through 67 markers


11-9-15-16-8-10-10-8-10-10-12 -23-23-16-10-12-12-15-8-12-22-20-14-12-11-13-11-11-14-12

Robert T Berrys living descendant’s line 39 through 67 markers

 11-9-15-16-8-10-10-8-10-10-12 -23-23-16-10-12-12-15-8-12-22-20-14-12-11-13-11-11-14-12

Robert T Berry was born in Alabama(Coosa) Hatchet Creek in 1849 and has a living descendant who matches the William Berry YDNA by 66 markers out of 67. This is a very close match but we have not been able to tie Robert T Berry to any known descendant of Our William Berry or any other descendant of Robert Berry who lived all of his adult life in Orange County  North Carolina from 1751 until he died in 1814.

In the 1850 census of Robert Roberson there is a 20 year old Robert Berry living with  a next Farm from the Blankenship  family. We believe this Robert Berry is the Father of the Robert Roberson who is three months old. We believe Robert Robertson is really Robert T Berry. Robert T Berry said his mother was Susan Roberson who was living next door to Robert Berry in Ruben Blankenship’s’ listing. Robert Berry was 20 and was born in South Carolina about 1830 and Susan Roberson was 22. and born in Alabama about 1828.

1850 Susan Roberson coosa county ALA


Below is a list of all or Robert Berry’s male children.

Name                            Born          Age in 1830              Location in 1830

  1. Robert Berry Jr     1760          70                                Fayette County, Alabama
  2. John Berry              1762          died in 18o4
  3. Joshua Berry           1766         64                                Orange County, North Carolina
  4. Issac Berry               1768         62                                Orange County, North Carolina
  5. Thomas Berry          1770         died in 1812
  6. David J. Berry          1774         56                                 Henry County, Georgia
  7. William Berry           1775         55                                 Georgia
  8. Henry Berry              1776         54                                Orange County, North Carolina

Henry and Isaac Berry were not married and had no male offspring.

At this time we have no positive information or any proof on who  Robert T Berrys father was. We think it was Robert Berry age 2o who was living with Ruben Blankinship in 1850 census shown above. We have no idea who this Robert Berry’s father was. Robert Roberson age 3/12 in the 1850 census shown above was later listed as Robert Berry with Susan Roberson who we know for sure was Robert T Berry’s mother.

Name: Robert T. Berry
Death Date: Dec 1932
Death County: Coosa
Volume: 55
Roll: 2
Page #: 27232

Name: Robert Thomas Berry
Birth Date: 10 Apr 1849
Birth Place: Coosa County, Alabama
Death Date: 23 Dec 1932
Death Place: Sylacauga, Coosa, Alabama
Burial Date: 24 Dec 1932
Cemetery Name: Mt. Olive
Death Age: 83
Occupation: Farmer
Race: White
Marital status: Married
Gender: Male
Street address: RFD Rt. 3
Residence: Sylacauga, Coosa, Alabama
Mother Name: Susie Robertson
Mother Birth Place: Coosa County, Alabama
Spouse Name: Dartha Ann Thomas

RT BERRY marriage record B


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