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I plan to add my thoughts to this page from time to time to keep you informed on what is new on our berrytree web page and also any news about our family. I suggest that you take a minute to check my Blog anytime you visit our Berrytree website. I will not be posting daily, but as I learn new information about our family or change anything on our website it will be posted here.

January 13 2018 Patrica Turley’s son fell at work yesterday from a ladder and has been in surgery for 8 hours this morning at the time of her post on facebook. I will give updates as I get more information.

January 13 2018                                                                                                                                                   I have been taking a break from many of my activities for some time now. As Jean and I get older, health issues raise their ugly head from time to time. We both seem to be doing pretty well at this time and I have some time to spend on Genealogy once more, which I dearly love. I know many of you out there do as well.  Around the holidays, we get a lot more new cousins contacting us on our Contact Us page here at I have recently met two new cousins and it occured to me that there is no way for them or other family members to become acquainted with each other. I have devised a way to introduce our new cousins to our growing community of our Berry relatives and researchers without exposing any private information to the public thereby protecting our security and privacy. With this in mind I refer you to click on the Contact us button and read my effort to solve this problem.