Joshua Berry

Joshua Berry son of Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry


  1. Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry: Princess Anne County, Virginia
  2. Generation  Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry: Orange County, North Carolina.

Joshua Berry married:  Nancy Ellison on January 28, 1792

Joshua Berry was probably born in 1766  and mayrhouse have been the first baby born in the New Plantation House that Robert Berry built in 1766. Joshua Berry married Nancy Ellison on January 28th 1792. Joshua and Nancy lived in Orange County North Carolina all their lives. Five of their children also lived out their lives in Orange County, North Carolina.

Joshua and Nancy had two sons and a grandson remove to the west. Joshua Berry Jr. married Anna Thorpe and their first child was born in Galla County, Ohio in 1820. The second son to leave North Carolina was James and Mary Parker Berry. Their first three daughters were born in North Carolina. The last daughter born in North Carolina was born in 1837 and the first child born in Smith County Tennessee was born in 1839. In the 1850 Smith County Tennessee this couple listed 6 children.

In 1860 Joshua and Nancy Berry’s had a grandson, a granddaughter and a daughter in law living Union County, Kentucky. After their son Lewis, Berry, died in Orange County, NC, in 1858 Lewis’ wife Sally Tolar Berry joined two of her children in Kentucky. Joshua’s  grandson, Ira Berry, was a single man living in Orange County, NC,and  in the 1850 Census he living next door to his sister James and Nancy Ellison Berry Wagoner. In The 1860 Union County. Kentucky. census Ira Berry had married Nancy Wynn who was born in Robertson County, Tennessee and they had a 4 year old son, Franklin Pierce Berry. Ira and Nancy Wynn Berry were sill living beside Ira’s, sister and brother in law, James and Nancy Ellison Wagoner in the 1860 Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky, census. Ira and Nancy Wagoners mother Sally Tolar Berry was living with her daughter in that census. Sally’s husband, Lewis Berry, had died in 1858 in Orange County, NC,a casualty of  world wide flu epidemic. There were four known members of our Berry family who died in 1858 as a result of the flu. Joshua Berry’s children and grandchildren are the only descendants of Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry to relocate in the north. All of the rest of Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry’s who left Orange County, North Carolina, went to Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, South Tennessee, Mississippi, and Texas and points west. Both relocated descendant  lines crossed paths again in Colorado and California. It is very likely they never made contact or knew about their close proximity.

Pat Hutchings

Ben Henderson note:Pat Murdock Hutchings  descends from Dicey Berry Murdock and was living in Durham NC when she came to our W.P. Berry Reunion in 2005. Patricia and her Husband’s ancestors had been in Orange County, NC since the mid 1700’s. Patricia was able to join the DAR through her third great grand mother Dicey Berry Murdock and her 4th great grandfather Joshua Berry.

In Memory of Pat Hutchings who was born on Sept. 12 1928 and died on May 31, 2006, Pat Hutchings pictured above, exchanged information with me for several years before she died.

Joshua Berry who married, Nancy Ellison, was the first of Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry’s children to have their marriage listed in the Orange County, NC, Groom’s Book.

Joshua Berry’s parents and the three of his older siblings1 were married before these records were kept. Joshua Berry and Nancy Ellison were married on January 28 1792. VIEW Joshua and Nancy Ellison’s Wedding bond

One of the best sources for some of the names of Joshua and Nancy’s children came from an estate settlement of Nancy Berry, Joshua and Nancy Berry’s spinster daughter. Nancy died and did not leave a will.

View Administrator Application On March 6, 1883 Eli D. Berry, Nancy’s nephew was appointed the administrator of Nancy’s estate. Eli D. Berry names Nancy’s heirs In this document.

View the Estate Settlement

Names on Nancy Berry’s Estate Settlement 1883:

  • Dicey Berry Murdock who is Nancy’s sister.
  • Heirs of Charlotte Berry Waggoner who was Nancy’s sister.
  • Heirs of Lewis Berry who was Nancy’s brother
  • Heirs of Joshua Berry who was Nancy’s brother
  • Heirs of Deliliah Berry Hightower who was Nancy’s sister
  • Eli Berry who was Nancy’s brother
  • Heirs of Nancy Ellis Berry Wggoner Nancy’s niece
  • Heirs of Racheal Berry Neal Nancy’s neice (Robert & Sally Cates Berry’s daughter)
  • Heirs of Sarah Berry Jones was Nancy’s neice (Robert & Sally Cates Berry’s daughter)

In 1811 just before he died Robert Berry sold one half of the original Granville land grant to his son Joshua. (Deed Book 14 Page 57 Orange County, North Carolina) There were 129 acres of land in the tract and Robert sold it to Joshua for $100. (See Deed) The Tract was the West half of the 260 acres Granted to Robert Berry in 1757. Some of this property is still owned by descendants of Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry. The current owners are from the William Berry line however and not descendants of Joshua and Nancy Berry.

View Deed made to Joshua Berry from his father 1n 1811

Joshua borrowed money from William Bowles and William Parker and placed his property up for security.  (Deed of Trust) What transpired as a result of this transaction has not been researched at this time.

Joshua Berry’s Murder:

(See the Announcement of Joshua’s Berry’s murder)

This article was in the Hillsborough Recorder Thursday 4th day of Oct.1838.

(Source: Hillsborough Recorder (Hillsborough North Carolina) page 3, column 2 ),Joshua was murdered in a grog-shop by Marcus Armstrong who had been drinking heavily was refused more liquor by Joshua, the owner of the shop. Armstrong seized Joshua and threw him over the railing of the piazza, which broke his neck/back. Armstrong immediately made his escape.


  1.  Robert Berry b. cir 1792 d. before 1850 m. 1816 Sally Cates
  2. Dicey Berry b. 1789 d. 1870 m. 1824 Andrew Murdock
  3. James Berry b. 1799 d. unknown m. 1830 Mary Parker
  4. Joshua Berry b. April 15, 1801 d. May 29, 1879 m. 1820 Anna Thorpe
  5.  Dellilah Berry b. cir 1802 d. before 1883 m. 1827 John Hightower
  6. Lewis Berry b. cir 1805 d. 1858 m. 1828 Sally Tolar – DNA Donor Line
  7. Nancy Berry b. 1810 d. March 1883 .m never married
  8. Charlotte Berry b. 1813 d. before 1883 m. 1837 William Waggoner
  9. Eli Berry b. Oct. 10, 1821 d. Aug.t 15, 1900. m. Judy Betsy Taylor

Children Detail:

Joshua Berry Lived And Died In Orange County N.C.Places Lived:

Census Information:

Joshua Berry Census Page

  • Nancy Berry Widow listed in the 1840 Orange County, North Carolina in census.
  • Nancy Berry Widow listed  in the 1850 Orange County, North Carolina in census.
  • Nancy Ellison Berry did not list in the 1860 Orange County, North Carolina census.

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